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About Roger Gingerich

With over 30 years in the apparel industry, I can honestly say I have much more to learn. My first foray into this industry was at 15 when I worked part time for a sporting goods repair shop. Spent my high school years learning pattern making, cutting leather and sewing on an industrial pedal wheel Adler open arm sewing machine. When the owner moved out of province on graduation, I opened my own. Spent my late teens early twenties working with 18 NHL clubs, all CFL Teams and countless other clients. Worked in promotional apparel in Vancouver, created apparel line in Toronto, traveled China and Indonesia touring factories. Once called the “Network Whisperer” which I love. I love connecting amazing people to other amazing people.

As a Fashion Broker, I work with celebrity clients managing their fashion related opportunities, placing “Ghost designers” with high profile brands, Networking incredible people to relatable positions, advisory council of TOM*, board member of Fashion Group International.

Always open for a coffee chat.